125cc Manual Dirt Bike 31" Seat

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Displacement (Motor size)

Front Hand Brake
Single 210mm diameter steel disc, Dual piston caliper

Rear Foot Brake
Single 200mm diameter steel disc, Single piston caliper

Shock Absorber ( front / rear )
Rear: Hydraulic Shock Absorber, 370mm (With linkage), 290mm (without linkage)

Tires Front/Rear
Front: 70/100-17 Off Road Tire / Rear: 90/110-14 Off Road Tire

Fuel capacity
9.5 L

72.2 in x 30.5 in x 45.3 in

Min Ground Clearance
11.4 in

158.7 lb

Seat Height
31.7 in

Wheel base
48.8 in


All units come with a Manufacturers' Parts Warranty that can be found in the Forms area on the website. 

Labor Warranties are available for in store purchases only.   

No other warranties are expressed or implied unless specifically stated.  Labor warranty is limited to only factory approved warrantied parts and can only be completed by the JF2 Service Shop at 701 NE B Street- Dallas, IA.   Factory decisions are final on approved parts.   This warranty does not cover loss of use of the vehicle or any damage to anything as the result of the defective part. 


WARNING: ATVs are not toys, they are dangerous motor vehicles, requiring extreme caution. In 2012, twenty-five thousand children in the United States were seriously injured or killed while operating an ATV. Do not allow individuals to ride an ATV if they are younger than the recommended age (110cc – 12, 125cc – 14, 150cc – 16, 250cc – 16).  Allowing young children to ride your ATV will invalidate your warranty, and you will incur full legal and civil liability for any damages or injuries. Free ATV Safety Training is available via ASI: (800) 887-2887.